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Tim LaCrosse is a local artist living in the Irish Channel who has been hand carving and casting sculpture and jewelry for a little over 15 years in New Orleans. He studied photography and sculpture at Minneapolis College of Art and Design. LaCrosse’s designs vary from traditional New Orleans symbols, such as the fleur-de-lis, to a wide range of carvings that reflect his interests and different experiences in his life. 
His latest line of jewelry, Louisiana sunken cypress, is hand inlaid in sterling silver or 18k gold. The cypress used in LaCrosse’s jewelry had been submerged in local bayous for over 100 years giving it a brilliant color and pattern.
“This new line of jewelry is something that I've been designing for quite some time. I am trying to utilize local materials in these pieces that reflect the beauty and history of New Orleans." 
Phone: 5044071926
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